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Elevate Fitness & Performance Reviews

I have never really participated in any type of sports of physical activities, at 27 I realized I was a little overweight, I was at 6’1 weighing 236lbs (when I started Crossfit) initially the workouts used to kick my butt and I used to feel destroyed .. after six weeks I started noticing results, 12 months later I lost 60lbs, waist size came down from 37 to 31. I used to work out at a different location and moved to CF650 about six months ago and absolutely love this place.

Srinkanth B.

“It doesn’t get easier you just get better.”

Those are the words I remember from my first boot camp at 650. As the weeks progressed I realized how true that is.

I’ve completed two boot camps and I have made progress in gaining strength and endurance. Lucas is an awesome coach! He is very knowledgable about proper form for building a strong foundation, and the importance of health and nutrition. He gives you the tools you need to gain the most from their program.

The workouts are no joke, but if you dig deep and challenge yourself you will appreciate them pushing you to your fullest workout potential. I’m excited to see where Crossfit will take me in my fitness level.

I highly recommend joining 650 Crossfit. Your health is worth it!

Marcella C

Great gym. Been going here for 4 months now and I’m totally hooked. Cross-fit isn’t for everyone, so be warned it WILL kick your butt, guaranteed. In 4 months I’ve lost 10 lbs and improved my max lifts by about 50%!

Jesse G

Crossfit has really changed my life. I am a 47-year-old, formerly moderately active (running) female who was not so active anymore. I couldn’t run anymore due to pretty intense knee and IT band issues and pain and I had gained a lot of weight. I found Crossfit650 when I was searching for personal trainers in my area because I had run out of ideas.

I’ve been doing Crossfit 3 days a week since July and I hope to add a fourth day soon. It has really changed everything for me primarily in the area of mobility–for all practical purposes, my knee and IT band pain are gone. Aside from this the biggest PRO’s about Crossfit for me are getting my workout completed first thing in the morning before the day begins; intense, challenging workouts; different workouts every day; functional workouts, i.e., we don’t use weight machines, we practice real movements that you really use in day-to-day life; camaraderie–we work out with a big group of people; great coaching and personal attention from Coach Nick; scaled workouts–if I can’t do a particular movement, Coach Nick adjusts it slightly until I can do it. I’m sure that there are some others but these are the biggest PRO’s for me.

And the biggest CON’s? Sometimes I really don’t want to get out of bed in the morning to go. Crossfit650 is pretty awesome!

Marybeth C.

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