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Warm Up: 21-15-9 Calorie Row Empty BB OHS or empty bb thrusters Static Work: 3 Mins of 15 secs on, 15 secs off HS Hold or HS walking 3 Mins of 10 on, 10 off...Bottom of Dip hold..or Bottom Pushup 3 Mins of 10 secs on, 10 secs off...bottom squat on tension then Gymnastics: Every 2 mins for 16 mins: 5 HSPU 5 strict pull-ups or Strict ring pull ups 5 Strict Dips Scaled 5-15 push-ups 7-10 ring rows 5-7 banded (bands on rings) dips or band assist dips Finisher 200 Walking Lunges for time

Today on Freestyle Connection my friend Coach Lucas with CrossFit 650 talks about getting loose. Structure your warm up my friends! - Carl Paoli


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