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WOD | 11302015


Warm up

200M Run
21 Plate Ground to OH
200M RUn
15 Plate Ground 2 OH
200M RUn
9 Plate Ground 2 OH
30 Sling Shots each way
30 Squats w Sling Shots on

Activation & Mobility

Wrist mobility of coaches choice
Front Rack Mob drill....coaches choice
5 Mins Squat w/ Prying
30 Secs per foot anterior shin stretch


Front Squat
10-8-6-4-2 Front Squat...Hold final 2 reps of each set for 2 sec bottom pause
Use this rep scheme to find a heavyish 2 rep with beautiful technique.

This is not an "at all costs" 2 rep with elbows dropped and knees caved. If you can't control your body alignment or your face looks like your going to explode its too heavy. Record 2 rep weight....obviously the bottom pauses mean you better be in absolute control of this weight. Record all weights used....better movement trumps heavier load.

1 x 10

1 x 8

1 x 6

1 x 4

1 x 2


DB Push Press w Dip Pause
After each set of front squat Perform 10 DB Push Press.....Hold dip portion for 2 seconds on each rep. We do this to establish being in control in the dip and being balanced and ready to fire our butt and hips to drive the weight overhead. Try and use the same weight....better movement trumps heavier movement.

5 x 10


The Animal
100 KBS for time or 5 Min AMRAP
Whichever comes first.

If you get capped your time is 5 mins + reps remaining


3 min each: Quad smash
3 min: Thoracic spine with anchor (roller)
2 min each: High tri smash


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